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A review of Beverly Porter's Nightscape

"It is my pleasure to review this collection of 10 piano solos! All the imaginative titles highlight sights and events of the nighttime hours.....these solos range between levels 1 through 5. The provided fingering is very helpful and the pedal marking is designed to help the student develop the skill of sophisticated pedaling that is required to achieve the most musical effect. I thoroughly enjoyed playing these solos and look forward to sharing them with my students in the new teaching year.

Jean Ritter....Canadian Music Teachers, September 2019

Natalie Weber of Music Matters Blog reviews Rebekah Maxner's Rock the Boat

"Every piece is as delightful as the colorful illustration on the cover suggests! The student parts are truly simple to learn - whether by reading or by rote - yet capture a mature and musical sound that is sure to make every student feel like an accomplished pianist."  Check out the full review here.

Clavier Companion Review: "The collection is a delight, and it deserves a place in every teacher’s studio".

An enthusiastic and expert review of "Truly Astounding Animals" by Peter Rudzik, on two full pages of the well known American piano magazine. To read the entire article please click here.


An exciting new collection by Irene Voros, Forest Friends will sure to delight students and teachers alike. 10 Elementary Piano Solos depicting life in the forest through jazz chords, lilting melodies, lively rhythms and marches. This is a 'must have' collection! You can see score samples and hear sound clips here.

Two new collections by Rebekah Maxner, Rock the Boat and Rock this Town join Rock that Train in the Rock Collection series. Each print and eBook contains 11 numbers with piano solos, the first two with duets and optional duets. The levels: Rock the Boat (Early Elementary, beginner), Rock this Town (Elementary, Prep/Level 1) and Rock that Train (Late Elementary to Early Intermediate, Levels 1-3).

Susan Griesdale's new Dance Collection in three volumes - Dance, Danse, Danza - has just been released! Strikingly original, perfect for recitals and encores, from early advanced to ARCT/Diploma level, they are sure to make a big impression and will stand out in any performance program. Check out the videos and scores here.

June Armstrong's new collection of elementary pieces Alphabet combines elements of technical development with imaginative, atmospheric, impressionist and rhythmical pieces.

Beverly Porter recently introduced her latest collection, Nightscape. There are 10 expressive, imaginative pieces describing some of the events and sights of the night time hours. The levels are elementary to intermediate or Grades 1 to 5 and are suitable for festivals, recitals and examinations.

Janet Gieck has a new collection - Old Tyme Candy Shoppe. The pieces were composed for my candy loving students in Southwestern Saskatchewan. They have been arranged in an order of difficulty according to the learning sequence of Music Learning Theory. Many of the pieces move all around the piano (keyboard geography), and you will also find numerous key signatures and modes represented. May they satisfy your musical sweet cravings! Early elementary piano solos.

Teresa Richert has publishing rights back from the Frederick Harris music Company on Toy Collection with 11 elementary piano solos about "timeless toys". This collection will appeal to younger students and is fun learning for Christmas or any time of year! 

Peter Rudzik has a new Elementary Piano Collection called Easy as Pie - cheery and quirky piano pieces inspired by all things edible! He also has a new duet collection Pop Goes the Weasel and Muffin Man. Crowd pleasers that are perfect to close any recital program. Exciting, fun to play and requiring a sense of humour!


Congratulations to Teresa Richert, Beverly Porter, Susan Griesdale, Janet Gieck and Rebekah Maxner for having some of their piano trios included in the US National Federation of Music Teachers Bulletin for 2020-2024!

Teresa Richert's piece, Bouncing Ball from her Toy Collection - Elementary Piano Solos is included in the current syllabus of the Australian Music Examination Board's Piano series.

The ABRSM 2019-20 syllabus as well as the RIAM (Royal Irish Academy of Music) 2019 syllabus have both included pieces by June Armstrong. Congratulations June!

The London College of Music has just released its 2018 syllabus and we want to congratulate Rebekah Maxner and June Armstrong for having their music selected for the syllabus!