Hummingbirds: Solo for One Hand

4 pages, piano solo for one hand: right hand or left hand. NFMC Bulletin 2024-2028 selection: Difficult Class I piano solo. Classical form with rich jazz harmonies.  The Hummingbirds captures the wonder Amy felt watching a mother hummingbird caring for her babies in the next she built in our fruit tree one foggy San Francisco… Read more »

A Jolly Little Jingle – Christmas Piano Trio

Jolly Old Saint Nicholas & Jingle Bells arranged together in Christmas counterpoint. Unequal trio: Part I Early Elementary, Part II Elementary. Part III has two options: Intermediate and Early Advanced (1P6H). Package includes: Main book plus two removable practice sheets: Trio Part I Early Elementary sheet (with early staff notation) Trio Part II Elementary sheet… Read more »

Fireweed Rag

After a short introduction played by each partner in turn, player 3 establishes the stride bass for this lively piece while the upper players take turns playing the melody with it’s ragtime, rhythmic variations. In the middle section each player share in the melodic interest. Suitable for 3 players of equal ability

Turquoise Tangle

The lilting, tango rhythm is introduced and played throughout by the lowest part with both harmonic and melodic interest for the middle player. Primo adds counter melodies and the sound of castanets in the high register. Rhythmic accuracy is essential for all partners especially after the quarter rests that punctuate the pulse.

Dust Bunnies

For 1 piano, six hands. A charming introduction to ensemble playing for second or third year students.

Childhood Excursions: Are We There Yet?!

5 pieces, 32 pages. NFMC 2024-2028 Bulletin Selections for the Popular Piano Solo category: Riding the Rails (level 2), Night on the Town (level 3). Amy combines classical form with jazz language and sensibilities in these very fun pieces.  In this suite, Amy takes the performer through her most-treasured childhood memories in Ontario and Michigan,… Read more »

A Day at the Beach

5 pieces, 28 pages. NFMC Bulletin 2024-2028 selections from the Popular Piano Solo category: Skipping Rocks (level 1), Tide Pools (level 2), Riding the Waves (level 3). Super-fun pieces in Latin-jazz and jazz styles depicting sites at the beach. Each piece has an accompanying song construction activity page to help students understand the compositional devices… Read more »