Seven highly contrasted “weather-related” soundscapes that make for exciting late intermediate to advanced recital repertoire. Level 7: DRIZZLE, FIRST SNOW, SUNDOG (RCM) Level 8: SUNSHOWER (RCM), DRYSPELL,  HAIL Level 9: RACING THE STORM (RCM Level 9) RCM: The Royal Conservatory of Music Individual E-Pieces available at    

The Sunken Garden

Inspired by the Sunken Gardens and Theater in San Antonio, Texas, these three pieces have exciting cross-overs and cover the entire keyboard  with an improvisatory and contemporary sound palette. THE JAPANESE TEA GARDEN (RCM Level 10) is beautifully serene, set amidst limestone and water. Rising paths and steps wind from the bottom floor to the… Read more »

Isla Vista Suite

ISLA VISTA SUITE was written after an extended stay  in the colorful and lively community of Isla Vista, California. This area is also home to one of the largest over-wintering sites for the monarch butterfly, tall eucalyptus groves and tidepools along the ocean shore. We also experienced the Santa Ana winds, along with the threat… Read more »

Limestone Etchings

LIMESTONE ETCHINGS is a collection of piano works  paired with original pencil drawings by artist Spencer Hope. This musical and visual collaboration honors the picturesque and historic city of Kingston, Ontario. M.H. Duncan THE WAR MEMORIAL (RCM Level 8) KINGSTON MILLS LOCKS (RCM Level 9) ON THE POND (Level 9) AT CITY HALL (Level 9)… Read more »

Zarzamora Suite

ZARZAMORA SUITE is loosely based on five Spanish street names that figured prominently in my life as a child and young adult in Austin and San Antonio, Texas. M.H. Duncan Level 6: MARIPOSA Level 9: ZARZAMORA,  DOLOROSA Level 10: BRAZOS, GUADALUPE Individual E-Pieces available at

Angular Measures

ANGULAR MEASURES is four pianistic explorations of reverberant sound and rhythm designed to encourage physical freedom, expression and full tone across the entire keyboard. Often using opposing black and white keys between the hands, each piece has a unique mood and tempo allowing for dramatic and artistic flourishes. M.H. Duncan QUADRANGLE (Level 6) TRIANGLE (Level… Read more »

Spirals in the Sky from The Pianist’s Guide to the Universe

In this whimsical marriage of astronomy and music, my husband,  astrophysicist, Dr. Martin Duncan and I have combined our talents to celebrate the beauty of the night sky and the magic of music. Vol. 4, Spirals in the Sky, for advanced piano, celebrates the beauty and majesty of the trillions of galaxies that illuminate the structure of… Read more »

Let’s Pretend

Let your student’s imagination take centre stage as they enthusiastically ‘pretend to be’ with each enchanting tale. Fourteen pieces in all and every piece includes words to help tell the story!   Level Prep/1 – I CAN FLY (CSS),  I AM THE KING  (CSS),  I’M AN ASTRONAUT  (CSS),   I’M AN ALIEN  (CSS) Level 1 –… Read more »

Little Hands, Big Pieces

A fun and imaginative book to have your little ones sounding big in their first year. Every piece a pupil saver! Easy to teach, easy to learn. A teachers dream!