Piano Poems

A ‘must have’ collection of lyrical, introspective pieces for the sensitive musician.   Level 2/3: After the Rain Level 3/4: Walk with Me Level 4: Remembering You (CC),    Dreamcatcher  (CSS, CC, CNCM) Level 6: Sail Away  (CSS, CC) Level 6/7: Lavender Dreams  (CC),    Soliloquy Level 8: Antique Lace  (CC, CNCM),    Forgotten   CSS – Contemporary… Read more »

Out of the Box

Cheery and Quirky! These pieces are perfect for encores. Have fun with them, all a little different, all slightly ‘out of the box’! Level 5/6 – Spriggans Level 6 – Carousel, Spinning Level 7 – Brush Strokes, Ferry Boat Ride Level 7/8 – Spunk Level 8 – The Jitters (CNCM), Veiled Level 8/9 – Parade… Read more »

Arctic Voices

Sounds of the Arctic, alone, haunting, vast and dangerous.   Level 3/4: ARCTIC VOICES (RCM, CSS), Level 3: INUKSUK (Stone statue) (CSS) Level 4: ARCTIC FOX (RCM, CSS) Level 5: DRUM DANCE Level 6: LAMENT FOR THE POLAR BEAR (RCM, CSS, CC), Level 6: DANCING SKIES  (RCM, CC) Level 7: TOQUES AND PARKAS (RCM, CSS,… Read more »


A fun collection of character pieces to brighten those dreary winter days!

Catch the Magic

A magical collection of solos for the early intermediate student, perfect for recitals and festivals.   Level 1/2: TWINKLE, TWINKLE – Soft, slow, light and ‘twinkly’. (CSS) Level 2: CASTLES – Slow, unhurried, with a haunting stillness.  (CSS) Level 2: CLOAKED – The enormous spaceship hiding in plain sight. (CSS, CNCM) Level 2/3: CINDERELLA’S WALTZ… Read more »

Dance, Danse, Danza Volume 3 Scatter Dance

Level ARCT/Diploma – Scatter Dance  (CSS) A virtuosic showpiece that is wildly fun to play. Scatter Dance will make a striking impression with its high percussive energy and playful tonality.     CSS – Contemporary Showcase Syllabus

Dance, Danse, Danza Volume 2

Advanced piano pieces that are imaginative and showy for those performers who what to stand out and capture everyone’s attention!   Level 10 – Wayward Waltz – Light and graceful, this little waltz moves along effortlessly with its playful tonality. (CSS)   Level ARCT – Ophelia’s journey starting with her opening fragile state, then inner… Read more »

Dance, Danse, Danza Volume 1

Lively dances and a little bit of soul to get you moving!   Level 7/8 – Old Town – A night out on the town with exuberant revelry! Let your spirit run wild as you dance to the beat. It’s impossible to keep your feet still! (CSS) Level 9 – Cool – Alluring and seductive… Read more »

Branches Anthology

Branches (2022) contains 13 Late Intermediate Piano Solos and takes teachers and students to new heights, branching out into greater complexity both technically and interpretively. This latest collection brings new life to the late intermediate student and offers the unique opportunity to sample the works of all 13 Red Leaf composers, including the newest members… Read more »

Sprouts Anthology

Sprouts is the very first Red Leaf Pianoworks Anthology featuring two compositions from each of the ten composers of this collective: Joanne Bender, Martha Hill Duncan, Janet Gieck, Susan Griesdale, Rebekah Maxner, Beverly Porter, Teresa Richert, Peter Rudzik. This is a great introduction to music that combines charming originality with pedagogical value from these highly… Read more »