The Color Collection

Music that inspires a love for the piano! Early to Late Intermediate (Levels 3 to 6) Includes Rainbow Swirl (Level 8) Expressive piano pieces to color your days From impressionist to Latin, swing, blues and jazz 10 piano solos   Express yourself! No matter who you are or how you feel there is a piece… Read more »

Titanic A Voyage in Piano Music – Intermediate

Early to Late Intermediate (Levels 3 to 6) 9 Piano Solos Music heard on Titanic‘s maiden voyage arranged for piano, plus originals in 1912 styles   In 1912 the world was shocked when RMS Titanic, the world’s most luxurious ocean liner, sank to the bottom of the ocean, taking more than 1,200 souls with it. Countless… Read more »


INSPIRED … 7 Intermediate Piano Solos evocative of the character of each title. Inspired features jazz elements of syncopated rhythms, complex harmonies, and expressive melodic lines.  May each piece in this collection inspire your musical journey! Level 5: Solace, Reflection Level 6: Impact Level 7: Compassion, Hope Level 8: Courage, Inspired Individual E-Pieces available at… Read more »

Pacific Passages

PACIFIC PASSAGES … 8 Late Intermediate Piano Solos celebrating the serenity and majesty of the Pacific Northwest. Imagine the captivating beauty of a beautiful coastline, stunning mountain ranges, and a vast open ocean as you interpret these evocative works. (* Conservatory Canada) Level 5: Lighthouse*, Rain Drops* Level 6: Open Water*, Pacific Sunset* Level 7:… Read more »

Around the World

AROUND THE WORLD … 8 Intermediate Piano Solos inspired by cities and countries from around the world.    Explore rich harmonies, creative melodies, jazz chords, and blues bass lines in these evocative pieces.  What a wonderful world!  (* Conservatory Canada) Level 5: Beneath Cherry Blossoms*, Venetian Waterways*, Wailea Shores* Level 6: Christmas In Stockholm*, Stepping Out… Read more »

Journey Through the Galaxy

JOURNEY THROUGH THE GALAXY … 8 Intermediate Piano Solos exploring journeys and adventures through music. Enjoy the varied rhythms and harmonies related to the movement and character of each activity. When performing these pieces, remember to be generous with musical expression of delight, determination and mystery! (* Conservatory Canada) Level 2: In a Rock Band*… Read more »

Forest Friends

FOREST FRIENDS is a collection of ten piano pieces depicting life in the Forest through jazz chords, evocative melodies, syncopated rhythms, expressive ballads, and lively marches. Level 1: Forever Friends, Soaring Level 2: Porcupine Parade, Songbird, Distant Wanderer, Skitter Scatter Level 3: Rascal Rock, Pounce! Level 4: Woodpecker’s Drum, Grizzly’s Groove Individual E-Pieces available at… Read more »

A Grand Adventure

A GRAND ADVENTURE – Ten Elementary Piano Solos with Pizzazz! Enjoy syncopated rhythms and harmonies related to the movement and energy of each character in flight.  When performing these pieces remember to be generous with musical expression of discovery, enchantment, and delight.  (*Conservatory Canada) Level 1: Buzzing Bees, Firefly’s Waltz, Runway Rock Level 2: A… Read more »

Studies in Poetry – Volume 1

The Studies in Poetry series is a collection of concert etudes for the piano that pay tribute to some of the composer’s favourite books of poetry in the English language. In all cases, the poetry book’s title has been used as both a point of inspiration and a subtitle for each study. The composition of… Read more »

Seven Circles

Seven Circles is a set of seven solo piano pieces, all based in some fashion on the sequential pattern referred to as “the circle-of-fifths”. Simply put, the harmonic design or broader tonal structure of each individual piece progresses by descending perfect fifth intervals, moving through the complete chromatic set of all twelve possible pitches, until… Read more »