The Book of Easy Piano Magic

A collection of twelve piano pieces with a flair for magic and mystery, composed for young piano magicians. An elementary continuation of The Book of Piano Magic. Cdn. grade 1 – 6, 25 pages.

Easy as Pie

A collection of fourteen cheery and quirky piano pieces inspired by all things edible (and not – i.e. A Bad Egg!). Full of playful and biting dissonances these adventurous pieces are full of vigour and life. Out of the box harmonies and modern new ingredients are sure to broaden the musical palate and certain to… Read more »

Arctic Sonata

Sonata for piano in three movements. 39 pages, advanced.

Outside My Window Volume 2

This volume illustrates scenes of the prairies, from unpredictable and sometimes torrential weather patterns, to glorious sunrises that fill the horizon as far as the eye can see. There is tranquility found on the prairies that can inspire spiritual reflection. I hope the music opens your musical lens to views that are uniquely stunning! Advanced…. Read more »

Outside My Window Volume 1

These pieces came about during a time when I was discovering my creative voice through experimentation with various compositional techniques. I was exploring the colors in modes, the vitality of rhythms, the richness of polychords, as well as other stylistic elements. It was during this process that I began to open up my “window” to… Read more »

Mystery and Merriment

The titles of this collection of piano solos for the elementary student evoke the exciting and the fantastical. Composed using principles from Music Learning Theory, many of the pieces utilize repetition and explore the complete geography of the piano. Most would make excellent transposition exercises. I hope you find the pieces easy to learn, impressive… Read more »

Taking Chances

The pieces in Taking Chances are about danger and uncertainty. But every challenge is also an opportunity. I hope you experience music and life more fully as you approach these short, but adventurous pieces. I dare you to play with possibility and boldness! Late intermediate to early advanced. 20 pages. If you plan to make… Read more »

When I Grow Up

I hope that boys and girls will be excited to musically express their future hopes and dreams through these early elementary pieces. Each piece has lyrics so students can sing along. 20 pages. If you plan to make multiple copies of this music, please respect copyright and purchase a studio license. Carpenter Policeman Teacher Doctor… Read more »

Olde Tyme Candy Shoppe

The pieces in this collection were composed for my candy loving piano students in Southwestern Saskatchewan. They have been arranged in an order of difficulty according to the learning sequence of Music Learning Theory. These pattern pieces sound sophisticated as they utilize the entire piano, yet they are learned with ease. You will also find… Read more »

Sundae Soup Volume 2

A collection of piano solos for discovery of new flavours in music. This set is slightly more advanced than volume one and appeals to teens and adults who enjoy energy and pizzazz, as well those who appreciate elegant and graceful sounds. Intermediate to Early Advanced. 28 pages. Updated Edition (2010). If you plan to make… Read more »