Madge’s Notebook A Piano Tribute to The Hunger Games

Engaging music for teens and tweens! Early Intermediate to Early Advanced piano solos (Levels 3 to 8) One Intermediate duet (1P4H) A Piano Tribute to the Hunger Games A piano book you can imagine that the series characters would have on their piano An imagined setting of music mentioned in the books: folk music of… Read more »

The Color Collection

Music that inspires a love for the piano! Early to Late Intermediate (Levels 3 to 6) Includes Rainbow Swirl (Level 8) Expressive piano pieces to color your days From impressionist to Latin, swing, blues and jazz 10 piano solos   Express yourself! No matter who you are or how you feel there is a piece… Read more »

Lady Bug and Friends

Fanciful bugs are featured in this collection of 10 solos and 1 duet. The level of difficulty ranges from Grades 2 to 5 (elementary to intermediate) and there is a variety of rhythms, tempos and keys.

Everything Waits for the Lilacs

This six-minute work was commissioned by Canadian pianist Janina Fialkowska, the title of which is borrowed from Margaret Avision’s poem, “Thaws”. The music makes expansive use of the entire keyboard and is tinged with a distant romanticism that in part reflects a frozen landscape waiting for the arrival of spring. At times the music echoes… Read more »

Truly Astounding Animals

A set of twelve playful and highly imaginative miniatures, each portraying an astounding animal. There is an Annoying Fly with its goofy theme and buzzing effect, Boastful Kangaroo with its left hand leaps and chords that move chromatically. Busy Woodpecker has a truly pecking theme accompanied by fast alberti bass while Tarantula’s Tarantella offers yet… Read more »

Outside My Window Volume 1

These pieces came about during a time when I was discovering my creative voice through experimentation with various compositional techniques. I was exploring the colors in modes, the vitality of rhythms, the richness of polychords, as well as other stylistic elements. It was during this process that I began to open up my “window” to… Read more »

Dances, Daydreams & Dinosaurs

This collection is packed with pieces to capture the imagination of girls and boys. It covers a variety of styles for the elementary piano student and includes program notes. 28 pages. Updated Edition (2010). If you plan to make multiple copies of this music, please respect copyright and purchase a studio license. All Aboard the… Read more »

Twenty-Four Preludes

This work also includes a number of diploma level compositions highly suitable for competition or examination use given their compact size and relatively short duration. The set reveals Burge’s close affinity to the music of Chopin. Equally though, the Preludes of Debussy, with their expressive textural sonorities and colour, can also be considered touchstones, especially… Read more »

Just Kidding! Elementary Piano Solos (2018 Edition)

Formerly published (2014) by Frederick Harris Music as Days of Summer   TGR-PC007:  16 pages, illustrated, ISMN 979-0-9001430-8-2   These 12 pieces explore a variety of harmonic, melodic and rhythmic resources and include a wide range of dynamics, articulations, moods and technical challenges. Fully illustrated and will appeal to students of all ages. Teacher notes… Read more »

Copycat Copycat – Elementary Piano Solos

TGR-PC010:  16 pages, ISMN 979-0-9001444-3-0   Twelve Little Inventions for Elementary Level Pianists – two in each major & minor key up to one sharp or flat. All of the pieces feature imitation and many include simple ornaments which are written out.  (Preparatory to Grade 2)   Contented Cat (1), Cosy Cat (1), Curious Cat*… Read more »