Hummingbirds: Solo for One Hand

4 pages, piano solo for one hand: right hand or left hand. NFMC Bulletin 2024-2028 selection: Difficult Class I piano solo. Classical form with rich jazz harmonies.  The Hummingbirds captures the wonder Amy felt watching a mother hummingbird caring for her babies in the next she built in our fruit tree one foggy San Francisco… Read more »

Sound Sculptures

SOUND SCULPTURES (Level 9,10,ARCT)   For Advanced Piano 1. Coloured Glass 2. Sparkling Stones 3. Polished Metal

Becoming: Suite for Solo Piano in Seven Movements

32 pages, 7 pieces. This suite for advanced players is written in Third Stream style, which combines jazz language and sensibilities with classical form. The pieces are fully notated, but two movements leave room for improvisation if the player chooses. The music is deep and introspective and allows for much expression and interpretation. The suite… Read more »


INSPIRED … 7 Intermediate Piano Solos evocative of the character of each title. Inspired features jazz elements of syncopated rhythms, complex harmonies, and expressive melodic lines.  May each piece in this collection inspire your musical journey! Level 5: Solace, Reflection Level 6: Impact Level 7: Compassion, Hope Level 8: Courage, Inspired Individual E-Pieces available at… Read more »

Pacific Passages

PACIFIC PASSAGES … 8 Late Intermediate Piano Solos celebrating the serenity and majesty of the Pacific Northwest. Imagine the captivating beauty of a beautiful coastline, stunning mountain ranges, and a vast open ocean as you interpret these evocative works. (* Conservatory Canada) Level 5: Lighthouse*, Rain Drops* Level 6: Open Water*, Pacific Sunset* Level 7:… Read more »

Seven Circles

Seven Circles is a set of seven solo piano pieces, all based in some fashion on the sequential pattern referred to as “the circle-of-fifths”. Simply put, the harmonic design or broader tonal structure of each individual piece progresses by descending perfect fifth intervals, moving through the complete chromatic set of all twelve possible pitches, until… Read more »

Truly Astounding Animals

A set of twelve playful and highly imaginative miniatures, each portraying an astounding animal. There is an Annoying Fly with its goofy theme and buzzing effect, Boastful Kangaroo with its left hand leaps and chords that move chromatically. Busy Woodpecker has a truly pecking theme accompanied by fast alberti bass while Tarantula’s Tarantella offers yet… Read more »

Wild Rose Suite

A musical tribute to the composer’s adopted home, Alberta, Canada, whose official symbol is the wild rose. Contains seven pieces: Hot Springs, Smile Through Tears Waltz, Mountain Creek, Soaring, Oil Sands, Rocky Mountain Variations and New Day Toccata. In 2015 the International Piano magazine organized a competition for the best recording of Hot Springs.

The Book of Piano Magic

A collection of nine piano pieces inspired by magic. Prepare to delve into a world of supernatural, mysterious and bewildering music! Cdn. grade 7 – 9, 26 pages.

Outside My Window Volume 2

This volume illustrates scenes of the prairies, from unpredictable and sometimes torrential weather patterns, to glorious sunrises that fill the horizon as far as the eye can see. There is tranquility found on the prairies that can inspire spiritual reflection. I hope the music opens your musical lens to views that are uniquely stunning! Advanced…. Read more »