Suite for Creative Pianists

This unique suite of piano solos, written to be featured at the 2021 Festival for Creative Pianists, incorporates improvisation as part of the piece to inspire pianists’ creativity. By exploring various possibilities for each creative element/prompt, the pianists will gain insight into the compositional process, nurture a proactive approach to performance, and obtain a repertoire… Read more »

Stories of Stars from The Pianist’s Guide to the Universe

In this whimsical marriage of astronomy and music, my husband, astrophysicist, Dr. Martin Duncan and I have combined our talents to celebrate the beauty of the night sky and the magic of music. Vol. 1, Stories of Stars, for elementary to intermediate piano, deals with the birth and death of stars in our galaxy. M.H…. Read more »

Seaside Sketches Book 1: Intermediate Piano Solos

*** NEW! ***   TGR-PC015:  24 pages (Grades 3 – 5)   10 Intermediate piano solos inspired by settings and creatures in and around the sea.   Pelicans (3) Short Ride in a Fast Panga (3) Before the Storm (3) Leaping Lizards (4) Pez Amarillo (4) Eagle Rays*/**(4) Day at the Beach (4) Tropical Summer… Read more »

Madge’s Notebook A Piano Tribute to The Hunger Games

Engaging music for teens and tweens! Early Intermediate to Early Advanced piano solos (Levels 3 to 8) One Intermediate duet (1P4H) A Piano Tribute to the Hunger Games A piano book you can imagine that the series characters would have on their piano An imagined setting of music mentioned in the books: folk music of… Read more »

The Color Collection

Music that inspires a love for the piano! Early to Late Intermediate (Levels 3 to 6) Includes Rainbow Swirl (Level 8) Expressive piano pieces to color your days From impressionist to Latin, swing, blues and jazz 10 piano solos   Express yourself! No matter who you are or how you feel there is a piece… Read more »

Titanic A Voyage in Piano Music – Intermediate

Early to Late Intermediate (Levels 3 to 6) 9 Piano Solos Music heard on Titanic‘s maiden voyage arranged for piano, plus originals in 1912 styles   In 1912 the world was shocked when RMS Titanic, the world’s most luxurious ocean liner, sank to the bottom of the ocean, taking more than 1,200 souls with it. Countless… Read more »


INSPIRED … 7 Intermediate Piano Solos evocative of the character of each title. Inspired features jazz elements of syncopated rhythms, complex harmonies, and expressive melodic lines.  May each piece in this collection inspire your musical journey! Level 5: Solace, Reflection Level 6: Impact Level 7: Compassion, Hope Level 8: Courage, Inspired Individual E-Pieces available at… Read more »


CHECKMATE … 8 Intermediate Piano Duets inspired by the strategic game of Chess. Level 3: Checkmate! Level 4: The Elegant Empress Level 5: Capture & Escape, The Knight Goes Riding Level 6: Bishop’s Blitz, En Passant, Tower Clock Level 7: The King’s Castle

Pacific Passages

PACIFIC PASSAGES … 8 Late Intermediate Piano Solos celebrating the serenity and majesty of the Pacific Northwest. Imagine the captivating beauty of a beautiful coastline, stunning mountain ranges, and a vast open ocean as you interpret these evocative works. (* Conservatory Canada) Level 5: Lighthouse*, Rain Drops* Level 6: Open Water*, Pacific Sunset* Level 7:… Read more »

Around the World

AROUND THE WORLD … 8 Intermediate Piano Solos inspired by cities and countries from around the world.    Explore rich harmonies, creative melodies, jazz chords, and blues bass lines in these evocative pieces.  What a wonderful world!  (* Conservatory Canada) Level 5: Beneath Cherry Blossoms*, Venetian Waterways*, Wailea Shores* Level 6: Christmas In Stockholm*, Stepping Out… Read more »