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Alive and Growing

Planet Earth is a dreamy gentle piece which uses beautiful harmonies to create a feeling of warmth and thoughtfulness for the earth. Play it freely and expressively.


Keep on Moving is a fast-driving piece which uses quartal chords to create a bold sound. Bring out the melody notes and keep the accompaniment soft. Keep the rhythm steady through the metre changes and the variety of rhythmic patterns. End boldly.


Metamorphosis refers to a change or transformation. Caterpillars undergo a metamorphosis when they become butterflies. In this piece, a change from the minor key to the major key takes place. Enjoy the soft jazzy harmonies and rhythms.


Octa-Tonic is a lively “spiky” piece based on the octatonic scale. Play it with energy and it will energize you and those around you.


High Five Alive is in 5/4 time and flows like a river meandering through the countryside. Its minor key is haunting.


Lean Mean Green Machine is to be played with drive. It varies between 6/8 and 5/8 time and uses quartal chords to give it a unique sound. Crisp staccatos and good accents make this environmentally-friendly piece come alive.


Shadows in the Forest sets a dark, mysterious atmosphere by using many perfect fifth intervals. The damper pedal helps to sustain the shadowy mood. The tremolo adds drama.


Trembling Aspen is an impressionistic piece that paints a tone-picture of the trembling aspen tree, whose leaves tremble in the wind. Its plaintive melodies are haunting.