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At Sea – Elementary Piano Solos

TGR-PC005:  20 pages, illustrated, ISMN 979-0-9001430-5-1


Twelve Elementary Solos. Dreamy, stormy, mysterious and playful solos about creatures and settings related to the sea. Fully illustrated. Teacher notes included. (Preparatory to Grade 2)


Angelfish (Prep), Dancing Starfish (Prep), Sea Turtle (1), Barnacles (1), Octopus (1), Shark (2), Ocean Ripples (2), Song of the Seagulls (1), Dungeness Crab (1), Sunny Day at Sea (2), Storm at Sea (2), Ocean Sunset* (Prep/1)


  • BC Conservatory of Music *2015
  • Conservatory Canada Contemporary Idioms 2021 (all level 1 & 2 pieces)