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Catch the Magic

A magical collection of solos for the early intermediate student, perfect for recitals and festivals.


Level 1/2: TWINKLE, TWINKLE – Soft, slow, light and ‘twinkly’. (CSS)

Level 2: CASTLES – Slow, unhurried, with a haunting stillness.  (CSS)

Level 2: CLOAKED – The enormous spaceship hiding in plain sight. (CSS, CNCM)

Level 2/3: CINDERELLA’S WALTZ – A lover’s waltz played lightly with grace.  (CC)

Level 2/3: DINOSAUR BONES – Plod along, feel the earth shaking with every footstep. (CSS, CC)

Level 3/4: CASTLES IN THE AIR – Sweet, delicate, and sounding like it could float away.  (CC)

Level 3/4: MAGIC CARPET RIDE – Fly through the air gracefully on your magic carpet! (CC)

Level 4: A MUSICAL RIDE – Here’s your chance to go horseback riding! (CC)

Level 4: SLEUTH – Slip into your role as Private Eye as you sneakily search for clues! (CSS)

Level 5: BLUE JEANS – This bluesy laid back swing rhythm for that ‘easy going feeling.


  • CSS: Contemporary Showcase Syllabus
  • CC: Canada Conservatory Contemporary Idioms
  • CNCM – Canadian National Conservatory Northern Light