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Copycat Copycat – Elementary Piano Solos

TGR-PC010:  16 pages, ISMN 979-0-9001444-3-0


Twelve Little Inventions for Elementary Level Pianists – two in each major & minor key up to one sharp or flat. All of the pieces feature imitation and many include simple ornaments which are written out.  (Preparatory to Grade 2)


Contented Cat (1), Cosy Cat (1), Curious Cat* (Prep), Cool Cat (1), Cheerful Cat (2),  Comical Cat (2), Cautious Cat (Prep), Cranky Cat* (1), Carefree Cat (1), Confident Cat (2), Clever Cat (1), Courageous Cat* (2)


  • Conservatory Canada Contemporary Idioms 2021 (most pieces)
  • Contemporary Showcase Syllabus (all pieces)
  • Royal Conservatory of Music *2015/2022