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Dance, Danse, Danza Volume 2

Advanced piano pieces that are imaginative and showy for those performers who what to stand out and capture everyone’s attention!


Level 10 – Wayward Waltz – Light and graceful, this little waltz moves along effortlessly with its playful tonality. (CSS)


Level ARCT – Ophelia’s journey starting with her opening fragile state, then inner voices emerging, tension building, to darker more ominous erratic figures suggesting the chaos within, the fractured mind alternating with states of a trance-like delirium. Eventually a frenzied madness completes the end of Ophelia’s tortured journey. The final closing motive welcoming a calming serenity. (CSS)


Level 10 – Reveler’s Dance – Wild, boisterous merrymaking, a circle dance in 5/8 time  (CSS)


  • CSS – Contemporary Showcase Syllabus