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Just Kidding! Elementary Piano Solos (2018 Edition)

Formerly published (2014) by Frederick Harris Music as Days of Summer


TGR-PC007:  16 pages, illustrated, ISMN 979-0-9001430-8-2


These 12 pieces explore a variety of harmonic, melodic and rhythmic resources and include a wide range of dynamics, articulations, moods and technical challenges. Fully illustrated and will appeal to students of all ages. Teacher notes included.  (Preparatory to Grade 3)


Just Kidding!*(2), Daydreaming** (2), On the Move (2), Snow (Prep), Can’t Catch Me* (2), Far Away*** (1), Into Mischief*/+  (Prep/1), Flying Kites (2), Mixolydian Bounce (3), A Rainy Day (1), The Chase* (1)


  • BC Conservatory of Music Horizons*
  • Conservatory Canada Contemporary Idioms 2021 (most pieces)
  • Contemporary Showcase Syllabus+
  • Royal Conservatory of Music **2015, ***2022