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Piano Reflections

Piano Reflections is a collection of eight Intermediate and Advanced piano solos. In many ways this collection is a follow-up to Parking an Octatonic Truck in that both books include compositions that were written in the late 1990’s for use as quick-study pieces. Initially this new set was to consist of only six pieces but while assembling and editing the music, Burge was asked to write a composition for one of his colleagues at Queen’s University in honour of the university’s first Nobel Prize recipient in 2015. Although completely unanticipated at the time, the resultant tribute to Dr. Arthur McDonald titled, “Oscillations,” became this collection’s most significant work. There is a fine video of Burge performing this diploma-level composition on Youtube. Additionally, in 2015 Adele Barclay, a writer and former first-year harmony student of Burge’s, happened to mention his solo piano arrangement of “O Canada” in a Literary Review of Canada book critique. As this arrangement often changed character due to its improvisational underpinnings, finally putting the notes down on paper made his setting of “O Canada” another ideal addition. 42 Pages.