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Rock the Boat

Popular styles in easy notation!

  • Early Elementary to Elementary piano (Primer level to Preparatory A)
  • Blues, boogie, jazz, expressive pop piano
  • 10 solos with optional teacher duets
  • 1 duet (1P4H)
  • Options for note, rote and improvising!


These delightful note and rote pieces are written to inspire piano students in the early stages of learning. The pieces and sections of music to be learned by note are easy to read, yet are still interesting to hear and play, demonstrated by the wide choice of key centre. The pieces and sections of music to be learned by rote (copying the teacher) are written to expand the learner’s playing experience with octave repeats, memorable patterns and exciting sounds that cover the range of the piano. The optional teacher duets further enrich the student’s playing experience, and the duet ‘Baby Bird Blues’ even offers the opportunity to improvise.



“The student parts…capture a mature and musical sound that is sure to make every student feel like an accomplished pianist.” ~ Natalie Weber, Music Matters blog