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Seasons – Intermediate to Advanced Piano Solos

TGR-PC001:  27 pages, ISMN 979-0-9001430-0-6


Eight lyrical pieces inspired by nature and outdoor activities associated with the four seasons. The pieces explore a wide range of moods and technical challenges. (Grades 6 to 9)


No.1 Spring Blossoms* (6), No.2 Beyond the Clouds (7/8), No.3 Moonlit Summer Night (8/9), No.4 Song of the Sunflowers*/** (7/8), No.5 The Wind (7/8), No.6 The Storm (8/9), No.7 Snow Drifts*** (8/9), No.8 The Ice Dancers**/+(8)


  • BC Conservatory of Music Horizons*
  • Canadian National Conservatory of Music Northern Lights**
  • Conservatory Canada Contemporary Idioms 2021 (most pieces)
  • Contemporary Showcase Syllabus***
  • Royal Conservatory of Music +2015


The Ice Dancers performed by Frannie Hwang on YouTube, May 2023