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Seven Circles

Seven Circles is a set of seven solo piano pieces, all based in some fashion on the sequential pattern referred to as “the circle-of-fifths”. Simply put, the harmonic design or broader tonal structure of each individual piece progresses by descending perfect fifth intervals, moving through the complete chromatic set of all twelve possible pitches, until arriving back at the opening key. In some of the shorter pieces, this underlying basis is clearly displayed on the surface of the music, but in the longer pieces, the circle-of-fifth points of arrival can be somewhat hidden (perhaps as an extended pedal point or even as a distinctive key area for an expanded passage). Probably the most important aspect of Seven Circles is that each of the pieces is highly distinctive, thereby emphasizing different approaches one can use when employing this sequence. 33 pages.


A short video compilation of the opening of each movement with music can be found in the Sound Samples & Scores, but if you want to hear a spoken introduction about the entire set followed by a complete performance by the composer, try this link: