When We Were Very Young

A set of three humorous pieces based on poetry by children’s author A. A. Milne (author of Winnie the Pooh). Originally composed for the Gala Trio from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (soprano, french horn and piano). This version is for Soprano and Piano. I. Independence II. Politeness III. Happiness

Singing in the Northland, Volume 2, 44 pgs

A celebration of Canadian poetry in song for voice and piano featuring poetry by Charles G.D. Roberts, E. Pauline Johnson and Bliss Carman. GREY ROCKS AND GREYER SEAS: RCM, CSS Level 9, a jazz-inspired song of love lost. LADY ICICLE: Level 6, vocal storytelling full of special effects. RAINFALL: Level 9, a whipping and whirling… Read more »

Singing in the Northland, Volume 1, 36 pgs

A celebration of Canadian poetry in song for voice and piano. Includes poetry by Charles G.D Roberts, Marjorie, Pickthall and Bliss Carman. THE BROOK IN FEBRUARY, Level 7 – a little song of “spring thaw” hints at contemporary dissonance.  A CHILD’S PRAYER AT EVENING, Level 7, A starlit mood with opening line in Latin. DAISY… Read more »

Searching the Painted Sky, Imaginative Art Songs for Medium High Voice and Piano, 28 pgs

Thanks to poet Janet Windeler Ryan for entrusting me with her fresh, expressive poetry. Singers should feel free to alter the suggested tempo markings to accommodate individual vocal needs. I would encourage a flexible and warm contemporary style with imaginative word painting where possible. M.H. Duncan Level 5: STILL Level 5, RCM: PETAL WALTZ Level… Read more »

Summer – Imaginative Art Songs for Med. High Voice, 40 pgs

Thanks to my good friend Linda Jacques for inspiring me with her memories of summers on Georgian Bay. These songs can be sung and enjoyed by all ages and singers should feel free to alter the suggested tempo marking to accomodate individual vocal needs.  They are intended to evoke images and to entertain, so I… Read more »