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Madge’s Notebook A Piano Tribute to The Hunger Games

Engaging music for teens and tweens!

  • Early Intermediate to Early Advanced piano solos (Levels 3 to 8)
  • One Intermediate duet (1P4H)
  • A Piano Tribute to the Hunger Games
  • A piano book you can imagine that the series characters would have on their piano
  • An imagined setting of music mentioned in the books: folk music of District 12, music by Madge for Katniss, plus classics from a time before Panem


Several pieces evoke folk music from District 12 that is mentioned in The Hunger Games books, including the lullaby Deep in the Meadow, the patriotic Valley Song, the haunting The Hanging Tree, the simply beautiful Toasting, as well as the Wedding Dance.

There are also new twists on classics and classic rock that I imagine would still be known in the future, including a Bach/Lennon mash-up Imagine a Prelude, a Beethoven/Led Zeppelin mash-up, Stairway for Elisa, and a new take on the Moonlight Sonata, Over the Moon.

The final two pieces are from Madge to Katniss, Friends of a Feather, a duet, and For Rue, a Chopin-inspired waltz based on Rue’s “all’s well” signal.



“The pieces are so well thought out and student’s will love the literary connections.” ~ Penny Lazarus


“Many of the pieces are original compositions, but there are also some interesting pieces inspired by famous piano pieces…. The pieces seem to evoke the original classical work, rather than exist merely as a simplified version.  Very creative!” ~ Joy Morin, Color in My Piano blog


“One of the things that Rebekah mentioned that really impressed me was that she “tried to imagine what piano music of our era would have survived into the future world of District 12” ~ Penny Lazarus


“…a very creative and unique music book containing songs that capture the series’ setting and story really well, while tastefully interweaving snippets of famous pieces…” ~ Natalie Weber, Music Matters blog