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‘Round the Key Circle We Go! Book 1: In My Garden

32 pages, 12 pieces in Middle C position. Primer to early elementary piano. Pieces represent each major key in the circle of 5ths–great way for students to get comfortable with flats and sharps with easy melodies! 1. Curious Caterpillar: C major; 2. Glorious Gardenia: G major; 3. Dancing Dragonflies: D major; 4. Amazing Arnica: A major; 5. Eager Earthworms: E major; 6. Busy Bees: B major; 7. Glad Gazania: Gb major; 8. Delightful Daisies: Db major; 9. Amusing Ants: Ab major; 10. Everlasting Echeveria: Eb major; 11. Beautiful Butterflies: Bb major; 12. Fabulous Fuchsia: F major