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‘Round the Key Circle We Go! Book 2: At the Zoo by Amy Stephens

32 pages, 12 pieces in pentascale positions, elementary piano. Pieces represent each major key in the circle of 5ths; Includes optional improvisation for each key with teacher/student duets. As students learn their pentascales and chords in various keys for piano exams, wouldn’t it be great to have a piece available in each major key to reinforce that key signature?  Amy makes pentascales directly relevant to repertoire by providing a piece in every key. This book also helps jumpstart the improvisation process with optional improv duets! 1. Cheerful Chipmunk: C major; 2. Galloping Gazelle: G major; 3. Dizzy Duckling: D major; 4. Astute Aardvark: A major; 5. Elegant Egret: E major; 6. Bumbling Bear: B major; 7. Giddy Gecko: G♭ major; 8. Delicate Deer: D♭ major; 9. Adorable Axolotl: A♭ major; 10. Elated Elephant: E♭ major; 11. Babbling Baboons: B♭ major; 12. Frivolous Flamingos: F major