A Jolly Little Jingle – Christmas Piano Trio

Jolly Old Saint Nicholas & Jingle Bells arranged together in Christmas counterpoint. Unequal trio: Part I Early Elementary, Part II Elementary. Part III has two options: Intermediate and Early Advanced (1P6H). Package includes: Main book plus two removable practice sheets: Trio Part I Early Elementary sheet (with early staff notation) Trio Part II Elementary sheet… Read more »

Deep Sea Blues

With a swing beat giving the feel of waves, Terzo introduces this piece with it’s jazzy, blues harmonies and syncopated rhythms. Melodic interest is shared among all three players and the level of difficulty is equal for all partners.

Fireweed Rag

After a short introduction played by each partner in turn, player 3 establishes the stride bass for this lively piece while the upper players take turns playing the melody with it’s ragtime, rhythmic variations. In the middle section each player share in the melodic interest. Suitable for 3 players of equal ability

Turquoise Tangle

The lilting, tango rhythm is introduced and played throughout by the lowest part with both harmonic and melodic interest for the middle player. Primo adds counter melodies and the sound of castanets in the high register. Rhythmic accuracy is essential for all partners especially after the quarter rests that punctuate the pulse.

Dust Bunnies

For 1 piano, six hands. A charming introduction to ensemble playing for second or third year students.

Industrial Revolutions Per Minute

Scored for one piano, six hands, this piece has a great groove and uses a lot of extra-piano sounds such as slaps, knocks, and voice effects. Intermediate. Level 5-7. If you plan to make multiple copies of this music, please respect copyright and purchase a studio license.

Pawzazz – Elementary Trio for One Piano, Six Paws

TGR-PT002: 7 pages, ISMN: 979-0-9001444-4-7   A “bucket of fun” for early level pianists.  (Preparatory to Grade 1)   NFMC Bulletin (USA)*   This hardcopy book includes individual parts for the 3 performers. This E-book allows one copy of the full score for each performer.  See Hardcopy vs. E-Book vs. Studio License at the end… Read more »

Northern Petals – Trio for Six Hands at One Piano

TGR-PT001:  7 pages, ISMN 979-0-9001444-0-9   Dreamy trio for 6 hands at one piano. (Grade 4/5)   Northern Petals *(4/5)   NFMC Bulletin (USA)*   This E-Book allows one copy for each performer.  See Hardcopy vs. E-Book vs. Studio License at the end of Sound Samples & Scores below.

Petals for Piano – Intermediate Solos plus a Trio at One Piano

TGR-PC009:  28 pages, ISMN 979-0-9001430-0-6   Ten dreamy solos named for the official flowers of the ten Canadian provinces. The trio for 6 hands at one piano, Northern Petals, represents the three Canadian territories. Each solo is in a different key. They explore a variety of technical challenges for the intermediate student and all, including… Read more »

Cloudburst – Piano Trio

The piano trio CLOUDBURST  (Levels 5 – 7)has a gentle sunny beginning that builds to a crescendo when the rain cloud bursts open. An equally divided intermediate trio with gently rolling 8ves in lower part. Great for three “piano” friends of mixed levels and abilities. M.H. Duncan