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Jungle Jingles – Elementary Piano Solos

TGR-PC014:  16 pages, ISMN 979-0-9001444-7-8


Embark on a safari through an African jungle where you will meet a majestic lion, a playful chimpanzee, stomping elephants and many other interesting animals.  12 solos (Preparatory to Grade 2)


Crocodile (Prep), Giraffe*/**/+ (Prep/1), Leopard (1), Baboon (Prep), Lion (1),  Zebra (2), Rhinoceros (1), Chimpanzee*/+ (2), Antelope (Prep), Gorilla (1),  Hippopotamus (2), Elephant (2)


  • Conservatory Canada Contemporary Idioms +2021
  • Red Leaf Pianoworks Sprouts Anthology*
  • Royal Conservatory of Music **2022