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O Canada – John Burge

This arrangement of “O Canada” was first published in John Burge’s collection of solo piano pieces titled, Piano Reflections. The impetus to write down the arrangement came in 2015, when Adèle Barclay, a writer and former first-year harmony student of Burge’s, happened to mention Burge’s solo piano arrangement of “O Canada” in a Literary Review of Canada book critique. Indeed, the book that she was reviewing at the time was a biography of Calixa Lavallée, the composer of “O Canada”. As this arrangement had often changed character over the years due to its improvisational underpinnings, it seemed an ideal time to finalize the notes for the arrangement. This arrangement is not available in an individual hard copy edition and only a pdf of the arrangement can be purchased online. Please note that if a hard copy is desired, please purchase the complete Piano Reflections collection (JBComps-004).