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Titanic A Voyage in Piano Music – Intermediate

  • Early to Late Intermediate (Levels 3 to 6)
  • 9 Piano Solos
  • Music heard on Titanic‘s maiden voyage arranged for piano, plus originals in 1912 styles


In 1912 the world was shocked when RMS Titanic, the world’s most luxurious ocean liner, sank to the bottom of the ocean, taking more than 1,200 souls with it. Countless books and movies have retold the story of the voyage, and of the ship after it was discovered in 1985. For the first time you can take part in the story by playing music that was heard on Titanic‘s only voyage. The pieces have been chosen from passenger accounts, from the White Star Line’s official songbook, several will be recognized from the Titanic movies you have seen, and two are originals written in 1912 styles. All have been arranged to offer early to late intermediate pianists music you will love to learn, and fall easily under the hands.



“Your keen sense of musicality shines though in each selection. The blend of well-crafted compositions with historical snippets and photos is sure to make this book a success with students and teachers.” ~ Anne Crosby Gaudet, NS


“Every kid who came yesterday took home a copy of Titanic. Their eyes were THIS big!” ~ Anna-Maria, NS


“The pieces in these books are in various styles and offer differing challenges, making them ideal selections for festival, or a recital program. Students would enjoy dressing in period costumes and performing these selections at a recital, or perhaps at a senior’s residence. I would highly recommend these pieces for use in your studio for teaching and performing purposes.” ~ Barbara Long, The Quarter Note (NBRMTA quarterly), NB