‘Round the Key Circle We Go! Book 1: In My Garden

32 pages, 12 pieces in Middle C position. Primer to early elementary piano. Pieces represent each major key in the circle of 5ths–great way for students to get comfortable with flats and sharps with easy melodies! 1. Curious Caterpillar: C major; 2. Glorious Gardenia: G major; 3. Dancing Dragonflies: D major; 4. Amazing Arnica: A… Read more »

Stories of Stars from The Pianist’s Guide to the Universe

In this whimsical marriage of astronomy and music, my husband, astrophysicist, Dr. Martin Duncan and I have combined our talents to celebrate the beauty of the night sky and the magic of music. Vol. 1, Stories of Stars, for elementary to intermediate piano, deals with the birth and death of stars in our galaxy. M.H…. Read more »

Giggles’n Kids

  An exciting collection of thirty little etudes for your early level student!   Each little etude focuses on one musical aspect that the student may or may not be familiar with. You can introduce a new concept to the student – see what the musical sing looks like, learn what it means and how… Read more »

Johnny Appleseed

Joyful songs, prayers, lullabies and children’s hymns. Early Elementary to Elementary piano (Primer level to Preparatory A) Joyful songs, prayers, lullabies and children’s hymns 12 solos with optional teacher duets Creative activities! Drawing, colouring and songwriting   Simple for beginners, yet beautiful. The duets have lush harmonies that inspire young musicians.   Four hymns of… Read more »

Rock the Boat

Popular styles in easy notation! Early Elementary to Elementary piano (Primer level to Preparatory A) Blues, boogie, jazz, expressive pop piano 21 solos with optional teacher duets Titles, lyrics and music students can relate to and play from the heart Pieces designed to help students develop fluent reading skills   Rock the Boat inspires young… Read more »

Titanic A Voyage in Piano Music – Elementary

Music heard on Titanic‘s maiden voyage arranged for piano, plus originals in 1912 styles. Early Elementary to Elementary (Primer level to Level 1) 8 Piano solos with optional teacher duets 1 Elementary student duet, 1P4H Piano students can take part in the story first-hand by playing music that was heard on Titanic‘s only voyage   Today’s children… Read more »

Rock This Town

Music that sparks joy and excitement! Elementary to Late Elementary piano (Prep B to Level 1) 11 Original piano works inspired by popular styles Rock and roll, jazz, blues, expressive pop piano 6 Piano solos 4 Solos with optional teacher duets 1 Elementary duet (1P4H)   You will enjoy the melodies with the fun duets!… Read more »

Into the Woods

A collection of elementary piano solos that bring up images of sights and creatures that might be encountered during a walk in the woods……A variety of keys and hand positions,repeating note patterns in different octaves and various rhythmic patterns have been used. At Sunrise, Tall Pines, Scampering Squirrels, Japanese Lanterns, Dancing Leaves, An Army of… Read more »

Snow Blossoms

A charming easy duet for two equal players. It features a lilting waltz-like rhythm in ABA form with secondo having the melodic interest in section B. 3 pages with a DC repeat.