Lady Bug and Friends

Fanciful bugs are featured in this collection of 10 solos and 1 duet. The level of difficulty ranges from Grades 2 to 5 (elementary to intermediate) and there is a variety of rhythms, tempos and keys.

Clowning Around and More!…….

10 solos in varying styles – Character, Impressionistic, Swing, Ragtime, Romantic and an arrangement of a French Christmas Carol brought to Canada by the early settlers. The levels range from Elementary (Thistledown) to Intermediate (Clowning Around) and have both musical and technical challenges. Pieces included in the Contemporary Showcase syllabus are Moonlight Reflections (levels1-2), Valentine’s… Read more »

Land of the Silver Birch

11 folk songs of the Northeast arranged for piano solo. The pieces vary in level from Elementary – Iroquois Lullaby,Gai lon la, Acadian Lullaby and Ah!Si mon moine voulez danser! to Intermediate – She’s Like the Swallow. My hope is to inspire an interest in our folk music and to present the songs in a… Read more »

Rags to Riches

A collection of 13 pieces ranging from Elementary to Early Intermediate levels (Grade 1 to Grade 4), in various styles from jazz to impressionistic. I hope they will delight the ear and inspire the musical imagination.

Into the Woods

A collection of elementary piano solos that bring up images of sights and creatures that might be encountered during a walk in the woods……A variety of keys and hand positions,repeating note patterns in different octaves and various rhythmic patterns have been used. At Sunrise, Tall Pines, Scampering Squirrels, Japanese Lanterns, Dancing Leaves, An Army of… Read more »

Along the Shore

12 elementary solos suggesting some of the activities, real or imagined, that take place along the beaches and rocky shores of our waterways. Soaring Sea Birds; Mister Crab’s Cha-Cha; Gentle Breeze; A Sunny Day; Footprints in the Sand; A Short Ride in a Fast Boat; Fun At the Beach; Lullaby of the Waves; Sand Fleas;… Read more »


This collection of pieces has been written over a span of several years and endeavors to portray some of the events and sights of the nighttime hours. The levels are about 1 through 5 and there is a variety of styles from romantic to ragtime, from quiet to playful and from dancing to dreaming. As… Read more »

Truly Astounding Animals

A set of twelve playful and highly imaginative miniatures, each portraying an astounding animal. There is an Annoying Fly with its goofy theme and buzzing effect, Boastful Kangaroo with its left hand leaps and chords that move chromatically. Busy Woodpecker has a truly pecking theme accompanied by fast alberti bass while Tarantula’s Tarantella offers yet… Read more »

Wild Rose Suite

A musical tribute to the composer’s adopted home, Alberta, Canada, whose official symbol is the wild rose. Contains seven pieces: Hot Springs, Smile Through Tears Waltz, Mountain Creek, Soaring, Oil Sands, Rocky Mountain Variations and New Day Toccata. In 2015 the International Piano magazine organized a competition for the best recording of Hot Springs.

The Book of Piano Magic

A collection of nine piano pieces inspired by magic. Prepare to delve into a world of supernatural, mysterious and bewildering music! Cdn. grade 7 – 9, 26 pages.